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Property projects are challenging, even if all goes to plan, there is a lot to consider. That is why as a client facing property consultancy, we deliver a range of property related services to our clients. And where best to start than with our free consultation service!

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69% of construction projects fail by exceeding their budgets, according to research by KPMG.

Whilst all projects and clients are different, our experience has taught us that very often a client’s primary aims are to deliver a project on time and on budget. We work with our clients to ensure that these aims are met, whilst also their qualitative interests are met too, all whilst providing impartial advice.

We do this by fully engaging with a client, whether it is to get a failing project back on track or kick-starting a project from scratch – we tailor our services to suit.

To date we have been engaged in a variety of diverse and challenging projects, these projects include refurbishments, extensions (even on Grade I and Grade II listed buildings), restoration and many more.

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Steve Moore – SMC UK

“I have worked in the prime residential space – in the UK & overseas – for more than 35 years. I’ve never come across a more effective outfit than Revolution Projects. They are straightforward to deal with and work well with all the relevant teams but equally don’t accept excuses, second-best, or even comedy pricing. This means they actually keep things moving and ensure a good result for all concerned – especially the client.”

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Our Services

We live the client’s vision with them and can oversee the entire project, starting with the design – through planning, delivery, management and sign-off.

We communicate continually, every step of the way. We regularly manage the procurement of contractors, plus oversee the programme of works to ensure everything goes smoothly and timely. All whilst ensuring the finished project meets all the client’s needs and exceeds expectations.

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Our technical competency and leadership enables us to challenge the design team constructively, whilst accurately calculating the costs associated with a project. Let us survey your next project. Request a free consultation.

Delivering a successful project starts with intelligent and focused planning to allow the project to run smoothly and in a timely manner. Begin your plan with us today. Request a free consultation.

Construction projects require experience to manage the complexity, whilst balancing the need to understand the clients wishes. Let us take care of the delivery of your next project. Request a free consultation.

Rest assured that we take great care in identifying any risks and potential issues. Our practical approach sets the tone for high standards during construction, following Institute of Occupational, Health and Safety (IOSH) guidance. Request a free consultation.

Documentation management and control is key to a project’s success. That’s why our system of offsite project information and documentation allows for the smooth running of a project – whilst keeping communication accurate and up to date. Request a free consultation.