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Construction of the UK’s First Carbon Capture and Usage Plant (CCU).


A full construction of the first industrial scale Carbon Capture Plant in the UK, working with TATA Chemicals Europe (TCE) to drive the co-ordination, delivery and commissioning of this facility.  The Carbon Capture Plant traps 40,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year.


The development of the Carbon Capture and Utilisation Plant (CCU) represented a challenging and complex project to capture and purify carbon dioxide from the power plant emission gases.  The purified CO2 is re-used as a raw material for the manufacturing of high-grade sodium bicarbonate and will reduce TCE’s carbon emissions at the combined heat and power plant by 11%.

We have meticulously choreographed the Carbon Capture Plant on-site works collaborating with and coordinating a diverse workforce,  from process engineers to groundwork contractors.  Additionally,  we have been instrumental managing the safely delivery around live manufacturing operations on the TCE Winnington site.


Key Achievements

  • Project-managing the end-to-end complex construction of the Carbon Capture Plant
  • Interfacing with existing live chemical manufacturing and energy plant operations on site
  • Maintaining a high standard of Health and Safety performance. The project  has been safely undertaken by utilising a unique approach to cross boundary operational safe system management.   As a result of our expertise supporting the TCE team, there has been no lost time injuries during the 2+ year project.  The impact of COVID-19 pandemic has been minimal.

The Carbon Capture Plant project is now operational, and Revolution Projects continues to support TCE with post-commissioning activities.

Check this fascinating time-lapse video of how the project progressed over a three-month period.

Carbon Capture Plant
Carbon Capture Plant build progress

Continue reading and learn more engaging details on the resource demands, sourcing of components and our involvement in the Carbon Capture Plant project.

“Revolution Projects have been excellent partners in the execution of this pathfinding and complex project.  They have worked very closely with the TCE project team to deliver timely, effective construction management; and been instrumental in the project achieving a safety performance to be proud of.”