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Residential Project Management Delivered to Perfection.


Whether it is a listed building, a one-off contemporary residence or getting a failing project back on track, we lead and implement day-to-day technical decisions and communications, so our clients have time to focus on what is most important.

Each residential project is managed to ensure a clear and efficient development process, delivered with the highest of quality.


What We Do.

Project Management

Revolution Projects years of experience brings advanced project management, we work with private clients to ensure that our clients’ interests are protected, providing quality impartial advice.

Quantity Surveying

Revolution Projects bring technical competency and leadership to challenge the design teams constructively, taking control and managing all the costs associated.


Revolution Projects believe that delivering a successful residential project starts with intelligent and focused project planning.

Health & Safety

Revolution Projects has the highest level of safety which puts clients at ease knowing that risks are identified before an issue prevails.

Project Delivery

Revolution Projects support each residential project with independent thinking. There are no surprises. We always communicate and report clearly and accurately with our clients.

Our Projects

Examples of some of the projects & properties that Revolution Projects have worked on and delivered to the highest of Quality.

We Are Here to Support You

Acting purely in the client’s interest is a given to us; it is how we get the most out of the project, and how we maintain long-standing relationships. We do this by being a company built around trust – it is at the heart of everything we do, and every relationship we have.

Trust inspires confidence, so whether the project is at the forefront of your mind, or the bottom of your “to do list”, you will know that we are fully focused on it. So, leave it to us – We have got it all covered.

About us

“I have worked in the prime residential space – in the UK & overseas – for more than 35 years. I’ve never come across a more effective outfit than Revolution Projects. They are straightforward to deal with and work well with all the relevant teams but equally don’t accept excuses, second-best, or even comedy pricing. This means they actually keep things moving and ensure a good result for all concerned – especially the client.” 


Let’s Work Together.


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